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After Confirming Delay, The Jerambah Gantung Bridge Contractor Commits To Complete The Work

swarakyatbabel.com Jakarta — After the collapse of the main construction building in the Water Kerabut Hanging Bridge Construction Project worth Rp. 25 980 529 000, – which uses the 2020 Budget Year and was carried out by service provider PT Karya Mulia Nugraha on Friday, 10/16/2020 which Then, the contractor is confirmed to be subject to sanctions or fines contained in Article 56 of Presidential Decree No. 16 of 2018.

Furthermore, journalists’ monitoring at the project site shows the project construction period which has a duration starting from April 22, 2020 – December 31, 2020. However, due to suspected construction failure, the supporting pillars embedded in the water and swamp suddenly collapsed in mid-October 2020 last year.

“The sound was loud sir, there was a bang like that. After I was at the shop, suddenly there was the sound of an object falling into the water and when I saw the bridge building that had joined the opposite side collapsed in the middle of the bridge,” said Junaidi, a resident around the location. bridge last Friday night.

Meanwhile, the matter of delays in contract completion has been regulated based on Presidential Regulation No. 16 of 2018 concerning Government Procurement of Goods / Services, namely in article 56.

Papan plang proyek Jembatan (LH)

“In the event the Provider fails to complete the work until the contract execution period ends, however, the PPK considers that the Provider is capable of completing the work, PPK provides the Provider the opportunity to complete the work,” explained paragraph 1 of Article 56 of the Presidential Regulation on the Procurement of Goods and Services.

The provision of opportunities for Providers to complete work as referred to in paragraph (1), is contained in a contract addendum which regulates the time for completion of work, imposition of fines for late fees to Providers, and extension of the Implementation Guarantee.

“The provision of opportunities for Providers to complete the work as referred to in paragraph (1) may exceed the Fiscal Year,” reads the rule in paragraph 3 Article 56 of Presidential Decree 16/2018.

In addition, journalists also tried to contact the Head of Highways of the Public Works Office of the Pangkalpinang City Government, Agus. But unfortunately, the person concerned was not in the room. Even though the Head’s statement is vital and awaited by the public.

“Mr. Agus is out, sir, have you made an appointment yet?” said a staff at the back door of the Municipal Public Works Office, which has direct access to the BM Headroom.

Separately, an editorial source who incidentally is a partner of a service provider said that the current situation has focused on completing the existing contract as soon as possible.

“If the contract period is past the contract period will be fined. Partner risks if there is a disaster. Must be responsible for the settlement,” said the source.

A similar sentiment was also mentioned by the Head of Intel’s Pangkal Pinang National Prosecutor’s Office, Ryan Sumarta, SH MH when asked for his comments regarding the late fee in Article 56 of the Presidential Decree 16/2018.

“It is true that the Perpres is enforced on contractors,” briefly the Head of Intel’s Kejari Pangkalpinang. (LH)


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