British and Moroccan foreign fighters partially admit guilt in Donetsk court

Pangkalpinang — British citizens Sean Pinner and Aidan Aslin and Moroccan Saadoun Brahim partially admitted guilt in Donetsk court.

Supreme Court of the DPR accused them of charges under article 232 (training in order to carry out terrorist activities) of the republic Criminal Code.

Footage published by Donetsk People’s Republic Supreme Court on Wednesday, shows the foreign fighters admitting guilt under the mentioned article, which provides for the possibility of imprisonment for 20 years.

On April 30, the Prosecutor General’s Office initiated a criminal case for crimes specified in part 2 of Article 34 (commission of a crime by a group of people), Article 323 (forcible seizure of power or forcible retention of power) and Article 430 (mercenary activities) of the DPR Criminal Code.

On April 26, British PM Boris Johnson said that Ukraine should decide on the exchange of British citizens who fought on the side of Ukraine and surrendered. (*)


source : RUPTLY News Watch


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